Made another 2 iphone casing.

They are for sell, but both of them had reserved for my cousin.





This is the first time I use black color silicon.

It a lot more classy than the white silicon.

So, Black is classy style & White is more in cutie style.


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This post is talk about the decoration I made on Iphone casing. 

Okay, my 1st plan was.....


You can't open & see what is inside the box, so I got unsatisfy reward TwT

Then, I used my old food models to replace the part I don't like. 

And it turn out to be, 

P1050668    Look better isn't it?

And this are the stuff & material I prepared for this project. 


Silicone(white), nozzle no 502, casing, food models & a tea spoon.

Before that, you have to use glue to stick some of the part to avoid them falling out. 

Normal glue will be okay(that's what I used)

Oh ya! I using purple colour casing.

The final result.



This photo is original photo shoot with my camera,

unlike the one I uploaded on Instagram, every photo is edited. 

So you can see clearly here.


That's all~


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Another present for high school best friend!




use nozzle no.502 to pipe this


Look like a witch hat~


Then use glue to stick them all together.




It's a container.




pass : flower pyramid

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There are 3 projects waiting to send out....


wait... wait... wait......



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This project I posted in my main blog before.

It was my final clay exam in college.

Love it so much so I repost it here.

She still with me, on the 3rd floor.

I'm not giving her to anyone~

Here is the link for how to make her.




Character : Hansel, A witch's tale, nds game


This is how she really look like.

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Made this Doraemon few weeks ago? forgot again....

This Doraemon is made by clay.

Plan to make a cake to somebody, so I used clay for practice. 

Clay texture is different to fondant, but I will try my best to make it~



How is it? I think it look nice if the head is bigger...


The cake is done.

To view, please visit

Thank You!

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Just havest yesterday~


That's all!

Next post of this project will be password on it.

Stay tune~

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Bought this eye shadow for my clay art work.

Coz it's only RM5, so I'm not gonna use on my face!




Can see the different? 

Left is original colour & right side I used the white one(top left) to brush it. 

Which one do you prefer? I like the right one~

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Prepared this for the next project. 


That's all!

Stay Tune~

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