Hello guys~!!! 

Welcome to my second blog, Chibi dot Secret. 

A blog with full of surprise to somebody and a lot of passward to you!



The reason I open this blog is, I can set a password to every post.

Sometimes I working on some secret project and I don't wish to let somebody know,

but I always can't wait to share my experience. 

That's why.....


Please don't bug me if I don't give you the passward.

Not eveyone I will give password....

I will remove the password once I give my project to that somebody.



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Chibi dot Secret

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  • Shinto
  • so i'll know that you are working on a secret project for mine
    if you don't give me the password then LOL
  • Chibi
  • ur's one, i can wait until i giv u the secret project then after i only post up XD!!!