Okay, I was plan to make this gift for my cousin for her wedding day, althought she already registered.




It's fine if you don't know what I'm drawing..... You will know after I finish all the stuff.

There may be slightly changes in this plan, as I said before, I always change my plan and it end up pretty good XD!

Also, the problem is...... I don't know when is her wedding day =.=" or maybe in August.....

still not sure......

I scare I don't have time to make this when my interns start. 

So I'm planning to finish this before my interns.


pass : 1stdraw

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  • Shinto
  • hmmm... i really dunno what to comment on this...
    i thought you should draw the whole cake instead of lay by layer
    cause you need to show this to client
  • Chibi
  • i dunno how to draw the cream, so i draw layer by later instead whole cake >.<