In this post I will talk about the cake base and board. I used this as my cake base.



Cosmetic sponge I got from my aunt shop.



Then cover with a layer of clay, just like you cover the sugar paste on the cake.

Colour it with a pink nail polish, 

then drop a drop of chocolate brown nail polish on the side,

so it will look like the melt chocolate is droping.



 This is how the cake board look like, 

stick a line of black love at the side.


Note :

 Love the light from my mobile phone,

sometimes the camera flash is too strong when I shoot in very near distance.



Double layer of cake + with the cake board.



Small cakes and baby bottle coming on next post.


pass : cosmic sponge

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  • Shinto
  • this one is really nice
    is it the one u showed me yesterday?
  • Chibi
  • this one not yet complete. yesterday one is already complete