Finally! The whole project had complete & sent out yesterday night! 

yeap! I'm very glad that my cousin like it ^^


Also I changed the red love to pink colour coz some accident happen & I couldn't find the red love in market.

& I removed all the small black love on the board side, coz they easy to drop out.






E <3 W


This is how I shoot the photo with my handphone torch.




Okay, now is the casing! Before that, the side is in silver colour.




But, I don't really like it. So I painted it into brown colour.

That's how it look with the whole cake.



That's all for Secret Project I, Choco Cosmic Sponge

All of the password for this project will be remove. 

Also, secret project II & III & IV coming soon(if i got time....)

Only no.IV got password. (althought complete, but not yet send out.)

& thanks for reading~




Chibi dot Secret

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